Meet Rune

Greetings horror fans. I am Rune Morgan – purveyor of horror. Haven’t heard of me? Well, allow me to introduce myself. I am primarily a horror writer though you may find me in the role of producer, director, engineer, sociopath, webmaster, undertaker, digital artist, photographer, and all around weird guy. Is Rune my real name? It is if I say it is but, seeing as though I’m writing, I can’t rightly say it is. Enough nonsense though. Let’s talk about horror.

My love affair with the horror genre started early with a book about a little bunny. It was called Buttermilk; the harrowing tale of a cute little bunny that wandered too far from home and encounters all sorts of terrible monsters when she let her imagination run away with her. But that cute little adorable bunny was only my gateway drug into the world of darkness that we all love so much.

When I was a bit older and therefore bolder, my parents would come home from the video rental store with those familiar clunky blue VHS boxes. I would strain my neck trying to see the title before they disappeared into the “grown-up room”. Only occasionally did I glance a title, but I would always manage to sneak up to the door and peek through the cracks. I saw several horror movies this way long before I ever should have. Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Hellraiser, and so many more.

[Note: Actually, mom and dad, I saw quite a few porns this way also. So, if you’re wondering why I had a child by my mid-teens, now you know.]

Then came middle school, those amazing three years when you’re excited to not be staring at the same teacher’s face all day long, where I would discover Edgar Allan Poe and the King himself. No, not that King, the other one. I know, I know. Stephen King is not meant for middle schoolers. Yet, by 7th grade I had devoured Eyes of the Dragon and The Gunslinger. Also, by this time, I had found a video rental store that cared more about getting their three bucks than how old I was. Silent Night, Deadly Night, Evil DeadDawn of the Dead, and so many more were devoured. Toward the end of this phase of my life I discovered H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelly, and so many others.

[Mom, dad, you guys should seriously win some kind of award.]

So, as you can see, I have lived and breathed the horror genre since the very first day my parents said “Let’s see how fucked up a kid we can make.” I feel it only right that I give back a little to the genre that I have come to love. That is why, on this site, you will find that a great deal of my fiction is absolutely free. Beyond that, I give you the right to redistribute it to absolutely anyone you want to.

Madness you say! Well, every mad genius has a plan. Here is mine. You will find advertising in the PDF files of my work. And they may not be removed from them if you redistribute the work. Mwahahaha-haha! Wait, you’d rather look at a story with a couple ads in it than pay $3.99 and up for a magazine or $6.99 and up for a book? You’d rather not have to track down little known magazines a writer you read has a story printed in? Well then, I think I am just the thing you’ve been looking for.

Feel free to navigate around the site. You will find plenty of free fiction soon enough: short stories, flash fiction, serialized novellas and novels, and complete novellas and novels. Now, you may also find some “not free stuff”. This may include an old timie radio drama thing I am working on and there is the upcoming “Rune Morgan Shamelessly asks his readers to wear t-shirts with his name and web address” shop. We hope you enjoy these things as well.

Also, this blog will be updated with news on new fiction, special features, and more. You may want to subscribe or risk missing out on something horrible.


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