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Greetings all. For today’s post I thought I’d fill you in a little on what is going on here with Rune Morgan Horror. I’ve been a busy body… well a busy mind these past couple days. Some of the news has to do with upcoming projects and some of it has to do with shamelessly asking for money. All of it is meant for you to know what is going on with my free and not-so-free horror. Lets get started.

Briefly Bizarre

I am currently working on another Briefly Bizarre story and have a whole list of story ideas to follow it. This next story is a bit more Twilight Zone than flat out horror. What can I say? I’m a fan of so many different things that this one just sort of popped into my head. Of course, there is a story behind it and you will read all about it in an upcoming post.

That said, I would like to release the story as soon as it’s done, but I’m holding off to try and make some money from it. How? Isn’t my horror free? Yes, to the reader it is. However, it is the goal of every writer to make money from their writing. Therefore, I remind all you artists, bands, bloggers, and the like out there that there is ad space available in all of my fiction. For the upcoming Briefly Bizarre, I have two quarter page ads, one half page ad, and two full page spots available. Visit the advertising page to find out why and how to get your ads in my stories.

Biblia Noctis

Biblia Noctis is the umbrella title for all of my short fiction that is too long to be considered flash fiction. I have a few ideas brewing for this and one title is in the rewrite process. I hope to have the first story up within the month of February. Pre-order for the advertising space will go up as soon as I know roughly how much space the story itself will require.


I loved the idea of the penny dreadfuls from the Victorian era. The concept of writing a serialized novel has always tempted me. What better way to do this than by releasing it on this site for free to the reader? However, I want to attract as many readers to it as possible and I have seen several people give serials a bad review because in today’s age of immediacy they don’t want to wait for the next chapter. Therefore, I will be making two releases. The first will be the serialized version chapter by chapter and offered for free to the reader. For the reader that simply cannot wait seven days for the next chapter, I will also be releasing the full version at the same time with a $3.99 cover price. Both versions will include advertising which means it will not be released until all slots are filled.


While I would love to work on a radio drama that I can call my own, I fear that there is just too many other things going on right now… too many other writing projects, that is. I will therefore have to put this project on hold. However, plans to make one are not off the table and, in fact, I will not be able to die happy until I have put out at least one series. I have two in mind however and would love to do both.

On Advertising

I came up with the concept of self-publishing works of horror for free to the reader because I love the horror genre in fact, I love all of the speculative genres). However, as a writer it is my hope to make money from my writing. Therefore, I offer advertising in my PDF eBooks. If you have a book, CD, memorabilia or shirt shop, website, or other item you would like readers of horror fiction to know about I strongly urge you to check out available ad space. Space is cheap right now (having devised a tiered pricing structure based on total number of followers) and limited. For a permanent ad in a story that could be downloaded hundreds to thousands to millions of times over the lifespan of the internet, it’s not a bad deal.

Be Part Of Something Horrible

Want to be a character in Rune Morgan’s fiction? Follow me on Twitter and tweet this message:

Make me horrible @rune_morgan #BrieflyBizarre #BibliaNoctis #RuneMorganHorror

People that do so will be chosen at random to become characters in my Briefly Bizarre stories or in a Biblia Noctis story. Do it enough and you may even become an ongoing character in an upcoming serial.


3 responses

  1. Thanks for accepting friend request on facebook, would love to chat advertising exchange–but as a writer I wished to bring your attention to our forthcoming urban horror, ghost story anthology tentatively titled “Boroughs of the Dead Vol 2.”
    Perhaps it may be interest as a venue for your work 🙂
    Editor Myth Ink Books


    February 1, 2014 at 1:02 am

    • I shall consider that an invitation. I may have something in mind that would fit in nicely with it. Do you have a deadline for submissions as of yet?


      February 1, 2014 at 1:31 am

      • As well you should 🙂 deadline is February 28th 🙂


        February 1, 2014 at 5:06 am

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