IPA: Independent Publishing Author not Beer

I don’t like the term self-published author. To me, writers are filled with the desire to see their work in print… to have an editor tell them, “Yes, you are talented enough to have your work appear in my publication.” I know this because I felt that desire and still do. It was one of the happiest days in my life when I received a letter of acceptance for a poem I had submitted to a small magazine with a check for $5.00 tucked into it’s folds. However, I think this desire for acceptance from the editors, the gods of the publishing industry, also causes a negative stigma when an author decides to strike out on their own and publish without the backing of a magazine or house. We look at them as trying to beat the system or get on over on unsuspecting readers by releasing sub-par works. Yet artists, musicians, and filmmakers aren’t struck with this stigma when they do the same thing. Therefore, I prefer the term independent publishing author.

An independent publishing author is an author that writes and publishes their own work. How is that any different from a self-published author? It’s not, it only sounds more professional and less egotistical than self-publishing author. And, as any self-publishing author (hereafter referred to as an independent publishing author or IPA) can tell you, deciding to be one requires a level of professionalism if you are to be successful. There is so much more to being an IPA that just writing, printing, and uploading.

As an independent publishing author you are completely responsible for absolutely every aspect of your success. You do not have a publishing house with an army of marketers, you must do that army’s work yourself. You don’t have a copy editor correcting your their to there, you have to catch those mistakes yourself. You don’t have a cover designer that specializes in drawing readers to your book, you have to come up with something attractive on your own. Don’t feel like doing these things? Well, you could hire people to manage your success… but that costs money.

It’s a lot of work, but it would not be impossible to generate a Stephen King level salary through dedication and hard work. Over the course of this website’s life, you will see me post in the IPA category. I hope that the articles I release help would-be IPAs obtain even just a little bit more success than they had before reading.  Up next in the IPA category: writing a business plan.

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