Some Changes

clicktogetadGiven the immense amount of work that is going into getting a steady supply of fiction to you horror fans from my tireless quill, some changes are happening here at Rune Morgan Horror. It is my hope that these changes make the website and the entire project a bit more organized and productive. Mainly, these changes affect how the stories on the site are delivered to the reader and the available advertising. Keep reading for more.

For starters, I am discontinuing the PDF versions of stories. Well, not really. I am discontinuing the free PDF format… at least for now. Instead, all of the free fiction will be offered via this site. If you hover over the fiction sections of the site (currently Briefly Bizarre and Biblia Noctis) a dropdown will appear with the titles of stories. Clicking on any of them will take you to that story and you can still read it for free. These versions of the stories contain ads at the beginning. However, I will be offering PDF versions for download that are ad free as well. Flash fiction pieces will go for $0.49 and short fiction for $0.99. This is in light of low advertising income currently and it is my goal to eventually restart the free PDF version once higher advertising revenues become a possibility.

That said, changes have been made to the advertising available as well. You will notice that the ad deadline countdown in the sidebar has vanished. Now, ads are available at the beginning of each story on the website. You will also notice that ads are available at the beginning of blog posts, starting with this one. Rates are weekly (with the exception of blog post ads, which are priced per post) and low. Getting one is a great way to not only support Rune Morgan Horror and keep the free horror stories coming to you, but to attract attention to your own website or project as well. Take a trip over to the advertising page or click on the ad at the beginning of this article to find out how to get your ad today.

In other news, I will be doing one more draft of The Reading tonight before releasing it in the Briefly Bizarre section of the site. And I would also like to thank Anthony Burdges of Myth Ink Books for inviting me to make him horrible in an upcoming story. The idea for it came to me last night Anthony and I’ll be starting the first draft this coming week.

Cover Designed by Rune Morgan

2014 Cover Designed by Rune Morgan

Also, I came up with a permanent cover for Briefly Bizarre which you will find displayed on the front page of that section or by clicking on the thumbnail to the right. The cover for Biblia Noctis is coming soon. These are the 2014 covers and will be featured in the collected ebook edition of each title.

I hope everyone is enjoying Rune Morgan Horror thus far. Please take a moment to like it on Facebook, follow the blog or the RSS, and follow me on Twitter via the widgets provided in the sidebar. Tomorrow, I will return with another IPA post on writing a business plan for independent publishing authors. Until then…

Horribly yours,
Ru(n)e Morg(an)


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