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Well fellow horror fans, I think it’s time to start filling you in on some of what’s going on here. Today I have news regarding Briefly Bizzare, Biblia Noctis, that page on the site with nothing on it, and advertising. Additionally, these news posts are going to start taking on more life than Victor von Frankentein pumped into monstrous creation. Just how much more? To find out…

A Briefly Bizarre Ritual

This week will bring you the release of the next Briefly Bizarre flash fiction story, Ritual. As a matter of fact, I am working on the final draft of the piece tonight and you can expect to find it on it’s little page on the seventh of this month.

The story comes as a result of a brief span in which I asked my Twitter followers to request to be made into a character for one of my stories. Anthony Burdge of Myth Ink Books kindly responded. When writing the first draft of the story I knew I wanted it to be Lovecraftian in nature. What I didn’t know, until the the first sentence came to me, was that it was going to be humorous in nature. As I wrote though, the story flowered into this insanely violent closing scene that reminded me of something out of a Dario Agento film.

How violent? Well usually, as a writer, I am all about telling anyone that doesn’t like what happens in my fiction to go Cthulhu Fhtagn themselves. This time I actually asked the character if he minded being killed in an gruesome manner. Anthony is a good guy though and told me he is “up for a new exprience.” Honestly, the guy’s great and I thank him and his wife for letting me make a bloody mess of him. Show them your thanks for dying in such a horrible way by heading over to his site (either using the link in this article or the one in our Blog Roll) and getting a copy of his book The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales.

You can show your thanks to me and let horror fans know about your project by getting a 30 day ad in the story for only $5.00 by heading over to it’s page and clicking the placeholder there.

A Frightening Incident

Well, that Biblia Noctis page promising even more short horror fiction from my quill has remained vacant long enough. There is a story ready to rear it’s pretty ugly head. Incident on Miller Church Road was a story concept that I came up with several months ago.

Last night I finished up another draft for it which is awaiting my return for editing and possible rewriting. It is my homage to atmosphere within the pages of horror stories and it is through the atmosphere that I am really trying to bring the reader to fear. I’m as huge a fan as anyone of watching blood splatter, but I think it is the creepy atmospheric horrors that keep us up late at night, wondering what that slight little scuffle was that we may or may not have actually heard.

It is my hope to bring this story to you within the next couple weeks.

TerrorphiliaTerrorphilia Large

In order to raise awareness for the site and for my fiction, I have decided to take myself on a little digital tour. The Terrorphilia Tour will see me around the internet to various blogs, forums, Facebook pages, etc. Future tours will allow website owners to invite me to create content for their site (my egotistical way of saying when I’m more popular). This tour though will be spent traveling around in what free time I have to various horror-themed websites, posting comments to articles and message board threads, creating and posting new artwork and fiction, and more.

Website owners should not be alarmed. I have no intention on spamming their site. Rather, just making regular appearances on the site throughout the day commenting on their posts, replying to others’ comments, and more while including either the tour banner or link to this site. Owners that wish to have me on their site can contact me through the tour page (coming soon), but I can not promise certain dates.

Greatest Scenes In Horror Caption Contest

Create a funny caption for this image and you could win a free 30 day ad in my fiction! Use the linked Twitter post to make your entry.

Want to get a free 30 day ad in my fiction? I have decided to start hosting a caption contest. There are some scenes in horror that are just completely iconic to horror fans, so iconic that they are extremely fun to make fun of. I want to hear your funny commentary on some of these scenes. Post your reply using this Twitter post.


I am pleased to announce that the advertising structure for the site has been decided on once and for all. Each post will have space for one ad at the very beginning which you can purchase for the very low price of $1.00 through the advertising page. The stories on this site will also feature a single ad spot, but these are sold in 30 day spots for the extremely low price of $5.00 (less than $0.09 per day) and you can get them by clicking on the placeholder in the story you want your ad to appear in! Advertisers must still host the image they want for their ad. They will provide the image address and link URL at the time of checkout.

Special Thanks

I spend a lot of time on Twitter promoting the site and there are a great many of my followers and non-followers that are constantly helping me promote the site. Therefore, I would like to thank some of them with links to their accounts. If you have helped and don’t see your name here, not to worry, I will be making more of these posts.

@DeathRattleBlog, @HMmonster, @DarkWorksDWELLC, @MythicDocWho, @svbell

Stay tuned for more and if you would like your account featured here remember to shout out @rune_morgan and to retweet more than just the shout-outs he gives you :-).

* * * * *

That’s all for this post horror fans. Can’t wait for your funny captions. Remember to like this post and share it, leave me some comments if you have a minute, to follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, and subscribe to Rune Morgan Horror.

Horribly Yours,
Rune Morgan


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  1. How awesome! Great update & it’s hilarious that my other half, Anthony, will be the fodder for one of your tales– and around his birthday no less. In one of our stories, “Concerning the Storm” which appears in our collection The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales, I already had him rather messily torn asunder… well not him per se, but a character loosely inspired by him. Since we write in tandem, usually he takes up the story first & I add my changes afterwards. Let’s just say his original ending was much happier, and much less messy than mine. ;p ~Jessie


    February 5, 2014 at 3:12 pm

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