Just Some Announcements

Today happens to be one of my sons’ birthdays so I’ll be keeping this post rather short. I’ll be on the social media all day though through mobile and wherever I can get near the computer so be sure follow me on Twitter and like Rune Morgan Horror on Facebook. If you are feeling particularly bold, head on over to Facebook and send me a friend request. That said, happy 9th birthday to Martin… now lets make those announcements.

A Briefly Bizarre Ritual

Over in Briefly Bizarre there is a new story up. Ritual is a piece of Lovecraftian horror flash fiction story featuring Anthony Burdge from Myth Ink Books. I was running a bit on Twitter, allowing my followers to contact me through their tweets if they would like to be made into characters in one of my stories. Anthony responded and Ritual came to life a few short days later. I am still allowing my Twitter followers to become characters in my stories, but I ask that they send me direct messages now as my connect feed is often buzzing with several posts and I may not see their request. Therefore, if you’d like to be a character in one of my stories, you can DM the following message to me

Make me horrible – [Your First & Last Name]

You can read the story by clicking on the link at the beginning of this announcement or by going to the Briefly Bizarre page and clicking on the story title.


I still have a caption contest being run through Twitter. I am looking for a funny caption to go with a picture. The best one will win a free 30 day ad in an upcoming story on the site. If you have a book, blog, CD, film, podcast, or anything else you are trying to promote all you have to do is reply to the tweet with your funny caption.

Offline Time

This coming week I will be taking some time off from the site and social media. My fiancee has taken a few days off of work to come up and spend some time with the kids and I. With our work schedules and a two hour drive between us, we cherish every minute we can spend together. Therefore, I will be offline and off social media much of the 13th, all day the 14th, and most of the day on the 15th. But I know that I have great followers that will gladly share this site with their horror-loving friends and will suggest my Twitter account and the website’s Facebook page.

Thank all of you for following Rune Morgan Horror!


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