Horror Archives: Night of the Living Dead

Today, horror fans, I thought I would bring you a short post and a movie. Partially so I can get to work on the fiction I am writing for my friends at Myth Ink Books, for my pal Necrostein over at Digital Macabre, and for this very site. But also partially because I really overslept today and have tons of chores to get done… Before getting into the flesh of today’s post though, I would like to wish a happy birthday to Anthony Burdge over at Myth Ink Books. How about giving him the gift of checking out his anthology of horror, The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales, which he co-wrote with his wife Jessica Burke. Also, a reminder that Rune Morgan Horror will be offline and off social media while my beautiful fiance(e?) is up visiting me for a few days. This could be as early as tomorrow and she will be here until the 15th (or later if she gets snowed in and we start watching The Shining). Now… about that movie.

Night of the Living Dead is a classic without a doubt. However, many people can get lost in the action of a film and never take the message of it into account. This, I think, is one of those films. It was released in 1968, during the height of the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. America was a nation divided on many issues. This film not only put a black man in the role of the leader, but it also portrayed him as probably the smartest one in the house and had a great scene where he smacks down a white woman for acting all hysterical… unthought of in it’s day. The people stuck in that farmhouse represent the American population – a mixture of races, genders, and generations. It’s message is strikingly clear when you watch it: Work together or perish. And it’s message is more than relevant in today’s America as well.

Religion, same sex marriage, equality among social classes, abortion, stem cell research… we are just as divided as ever. I ask that you take an hour and a half to rewatch this film and think about its meaning… then and now. As always, if you enjoy this post, please hit that like button and those share buttons. You can follow me on Twitter, become my friend on Facebook, and like the Rune Morgan Horror page too.


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