News from Rune 2/13/2014

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Greetings f(r)iends and horror fans. I hope you have all enjoyed the post that have come out since the last news update. I hope you are all ready for Valentine’s Day with your significant others or, if you’re snowed in away from them or single, making the most of it. I myself am snowed in and two hours away from mine. That does mean I’ll be getting some stuff done with though – writing, this article, online social interactions, and maybe even another special post later. Now for the news.

I have quite a bit of news to bring to you this week too. You have undoubtedly noticed the changes to the site if you are a frequent visitor and we’ll talk about that first. But there is also news on my fiction, sad news on Morgue News Weekly, and the matter of announcing a winner for a certain caption contest I was running on Twitter. Let’s get started.

New Look, New Widgets

As stated for new visitors, the site has changed from it’s original theme to a more customizable one which allows me to add my own background and a header if I want it. The background was designed and created by me using images from the public domain (that’s kinda my style when it comes to art). I hope you like it.

You may also notice a few new widgets. In the sidebar you will find a display of the titles currently being offered for free on the site (Biblia Noctis and Briefly Bizarre right now). Beneath that, you have the widgets that will allow you to follow Rune Morgan Horror better – an email subscription button, a Facebook like box, and a Twitter feed from which you can follow me. But wait! That’s not all! If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find a blog roll and I highly suggest them. Next to that you will see a box containing a countdown to the release of the next story on this site (we’ll talk about that in a few). Then you will find a countdown box for contests being run on the site (again, we will talk about this in a minute). On the right you will find a search box as well as a category drop down menu to make browsing the site easier. I am considering adding a static landing page to the site as well.

About those category and search boxes though. I have decided to expand the range of the posts on Rune Morgan Horror and, over the past couple days, have reorganized the category structure of the site. There are categories now for general horror posts (news, reviews, spotlights, and more related to the genre), categories for things related to my writing and this site (news, stories, contests, etc), categories about writing (writing craft, business, and musings on the genre), and categories to archive horror media I find online (movies, art, audio dramas, and anything else I stumble upon). More categories may even be added later. The point I am trying to make is that Rune Morgan Horror is fixing to be a big place that houses something for every horror fan out there. Those boxes are intended to help you navigate and find what you are looking for in this haunted site.

And the impending size of this site leads me to some sad news…

The Sad Fate of Morgue News Weekly

With everything that has been going on with this site, my writing, and social promotion I have decided to put this project, which I was really anxious to get to, on the back burner for a while. Morgue News Weekly was intended to be a fictional newspaper (think The Onion) with a horror theme. While I would love nothing more than to bring this publication to you, it dawns on me that I have quite a few projects on my plate as it is. I would not be able to continue them and produce a weekly publication as well without hiring a staff, something that I have nowhere near enough money to do. Therefore, I must sadly wait… or find a staff of writers and editors willing to work for free. I am not killing the project, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to pick it up again. Which leads me to…

New Fiction

Of the many things on my plate, new fiction is taking up a large portion. My friends Anthony Burdge and Jessica Burke over at Myth Ink Books have invited me to write a piece of fiction for their upcoming Boroughs of the Dead Vol. 2 anthology. At first, I thought I was going to have to turn them down since no stories were actually coming to me. Then my beloved made some suggestions and, the next thing I knew, I had a draft on paper. I am currently in the rewrite process for this piece and expect it to be done within the week.

Then my friend Necrostein over at Digital Macabre informed horror writers in our little social network of an upcoming project… a tabletop book that offered an interesting creative writing challenge to the adventurous writer. I volunteered for this piece and, after receiving my challenge, had a draft on paper shortly after. Now I am ruminating… letting it sit and I will come back and reread it with new eyes before giving it a rewrite (likely after finishing the piece mentioned above).

Of course, there is fiction coming for this site as well. If you’d scrolled down to look at those shiny new widgets at the bottom of the page, you’d see that on the 16th, the first of my Biblia Noctis short stories, Incident on Miller Church Road will be released. Not only that, I have yet another Briefly Bizarre story to bring to you as well. It is brewing in the back of my mind and waiting to surge forth onto the digital page.

I also have an idea brewing that I intend on submitting to Weird Tales for publication in their upcoming themed issue. However, it it little more than an idea right now and my mind is searching for those all important first words I have talked about.

Now, for some congratulations…

Dr. Frankenstein... You are the father.

Dr. Frankenstein… You are the father.

Caption Contest Winner

This past week I was running a caption contest over on Twitter. I posted a photo from a famous horror movie and asked my followers to reply with a funny caption to go along with it. I didn’t receive many responses and I hope I get more for future contests. The prize for this one was a free thirty day ad in one of the stories on the site. I would like to thank everyone for entering, but it was @DeathRattleBlog that managed to take everything in the photo from the film’s subject matter to the expressions of the characters and make it funny with just a few words.Check out his caption to the photo from the Universal classic Frankenstein and keep your eyes open for the next contest.


I have so many great followers over on Twitter and I would like to thank a few of them. @RM_DuChene@ToniOdellBooks, @DeadAsHellHP, @KenjTrites, and @conduit_speaks
Thank you all for your retweets and mentions. If you’re name is not here, don’t worry I have hundreds of followers that didn’t get mentioned. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you all. To get your name here, just follow me on Twitter and mention, reply, and retweet. You’ll make it here eventually.

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Horribly Yours,
Rune Morgan


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