Horrorpedia: Philophobia

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Good mourning and happy Valentine’s Day fans and f(r)iends. I hope you are all enjoy your day. For the geeky horror fan, this can be quite a gruesome day. Not only is it a time for such films as My Bloody Valentine, Valentine‘s Day, and Lover’s Lane, but there is a very bloody history behind the holiday.

For starters this day, commonly thought to be a celebration of courtly love, is actually the anniversary of St. Valentine’s death. According to the church, St. Valentine was a priest in the Roman empire. There, he married Christian couples in secret during the reign of Claudius Gothicus and helping Christians in any way at this time was considered a crime. When Valentine was caught the emperor ordered him to stop. He refused and, as punishment, Valentine was imprisoned, beaten with clubs, and decapitated on February 14, 269.

The picture to the left are his relics to be found in Dublin, Ireland. It is in his honor that I make this entry into Rune Morgan Horror’s Horrorpedia.


On this holiday there may be many of you out there feeling lonely, like there is no one special in your life. To you I say this… there will be someone, just be patient and glad you don’t suffer from philophobia. This term comes from the Greek words filos meaning beloved or loving and phobos meaning fear. It is the fear of falling in love.

It usually arises as a result of emotional turmoil relating to past love but can also be chronic. Usually it is found in females who from a young age are not taught to pursue love but are, instead, the victims of arranged or forced marriage by a family or community. Symptoms someone with philophobia may experience include: sweating, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, nausea, restlessness, and more. However, worse than this is a feeling of constant solitude.

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