News from Rune 2/18/2014

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Once again, horror fans and f[r]iends, it is time to bring you your weekly update on what is going on with Rune Morgan’s fiction and with this website. I hope you enjoyed the release of Incident on Miller Church Road this past Saturday and would like to thank everyone who read it, shared it, and commented. This week I have news for you concerning some new pages on the site, my plans for Briefly Bizarre and Biblia Noctis, information on upcoming fiction, and of course my acknowledgements. So let’s begin.

The Art of Rune Morgan

Pleasure Dungeon

Pleasure Dungeon: The March Print

On of the new pages you may have noticed appeared on the site recently is Art. For years I have experimented with various forms of artwork from photography to digital art. However, the style that I have found liking the most is combining grungy backgrounds with images from the public domain to create new pieces of art that are strange and bizarre. I have decided to start offering signed and numbered prints of these images.

The art page does not contain a gallery of my work. Instead, it contains a single image from the many that I have created and continue to create. The image on that page is the current print for sale, available for only $3.00. Each print comes on standard 4 x 6 Kodak paper and is hand signed and numbered on the back. Only 100 prints will be made of each one and only 99 are for sale (I keep number 13 for my own collection). Every month a new print will become available and any unsold prints will go into storage only to either return with a higher price tag later. Also note that, once the prints have been made, the print files are completely destroyed and no future releases will be made; only those 100 prints will exist… ever. So if you like an image and want a print I strongly suggest getting them in the first month they go up.

Reach out and touch Rune.

Let’s Talk

Another page that appeared in the late hours of last night/the wee hours of this morning is the contact page. Through this page you will be able to contact me for any number of reasons from letting me know about any errors in my spelling or grammar to hiring me to create original fiction/art to obtaining rights to my fiction for film or television. Even if you have absolutely no reason to contact me, a visit over on that page may be worth a laugh. You see, contact pages are usually rather drab and so I thought I’d liven mine up with some lively reasons to contact me in the drop down box under “Why are you contacting Rune?”.

I’m Afraid We’re Going To Have To Amputate

Don’t worry, I’m not cutting any other projects. I love them all and, after the sad fate of Morgue News Weekly, I don’t think I could bear losing another. Instead, this little section is to announce to you the coming of the next Briefly Bizarre story. Amputation (previously titled Day Thirteen) will become available on the site this coming Saturday. It is the fourth story in my collection of flash fiction and, despite the picture to the right, has absolutely nothing to do with the Civil War at all. I hope to see an even greater response to this story than I did to Incident. I know, I know… give an inch and I take a mile

The Lurker in the Void

Following the release of Amputation I will be working on the next installment of Biblia Noctis. The story, The Lurker in the Void, is yet another romp into the strange world of Lovecraftian fiction. Unlike the last Lovecraftian story I wrote, Ritual, for the Briefly Bizarre collection, there is going to be absolutely nothing humorous about anything anyone in this story goes through. I would like to think the story will be released a week after Saturday, but I want to make sure you are getting the highest quality fiction from this site so it may take a little longer.

All Good Things Must EndBriefly Bizarre

Well, I have decided there is a life span for free short stories… at least for this year. You see, there are so many different projects I want to work on and bring you that it is going to be hard to get them all to you on my very lonesome. And so I must announce the end of this year’s collection of free flash fiction and short stories. I will bring the collections to a close when Briefly Bizarre reaches ten stories and Biblia Noctis reaches five. These stories will remain on the site for the rest of the year for your reading enjoyment. In 2015 I will release them in a collected version along with ten more pieces of flash fiction and five more short stories. But, just because Briefly Bizarre and Biblia Noctis are coming to a close, don’t think that I am going to stop bringing you free horror!

8d566-old2bhorror2btypewriterWorking Title…

Starting very soon I will begin work on a draft of the first serialized novel for release in weekly installments on this site. I have, in fact, decided exactly what the series is going to be and have started notes. Now, I will not be revealing anything, not even a title on this site. That doesn’t mean you can’t find out about it though. If you head over to the Working Title page, you will find that you can sign up to be a proofreader/reviewer of sorts. As I write each chapter I will send it out to these three to five individuals via email for them to look over. I ask that they reply with any corrections, offer feedback, and answer a few brief questions so that I can ensure complete satisfaction to my readers. Unfortunately, I can not afford to pay for this service currently. However, you will receive access to the full novel (the same copy that reviewers will receive access to) online and that others will have to pay for in order to read the whole thing without waiting.


As has become my custom in these news posts, I would like to thank some of my f[r]iends over on Facebook and Twitter. I am truly privileged and honored to have you ladies and gentlemen in my corner in the dog-eat-dog world of social media. From Facebook, I would like to thank Anthony Burdge and Jessica Burke from Myth Ink Books, Colleen Wanglund from Monster Librarian, Emory Slone of Malevolent Magazine, and Necro Stein of Texas Terror Entertainment and Digital Macabre.

From Twitter I would like to thank @cheri_on_fire, @GreyMatterPress, @conduit_speaks, and @svbell. As always, if your name is not up here just be patient. Remember, the more you interact with me on social media, the more I am likely to see your name in my interaction logs on these sites.

Please use those like and share buttons below and keep in mind that you can follow me on Twitter, f[r]iend me on Facebook, and like Rune Morgan Horror. Until next week’s news post…

Horribly Yours,rune
Rune Morgan


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