Spotlight: Dead As Hell Horror Podcast

DaHGreetings fiends. I thought I’d bring you something a little special this evening… the very first Horror Spotlight post. Since I’m sacrificing a virgin here I thought it would be a good idea to do it on something I’ve never really experienced before. Believe it or not, I did not get into the whole podcast craze. This actually strikes me as odd considering I am an avid NPR listener and podcasts are like NPR that focus on subjects you care about. I guess I just never took the time to sit down and listen to one… until recently that is, when I encountered Dead as Hell.

I first encountered Dead as Hell on Twitter and automatically took a liking to them. That may have something to do with the fact that they retweeted and interacted with me in the beginning. So when the podcast went live I figured what the hell, why not. I listened to the first episode and absolutely loved it. It offered honest reviews of movies old and new as well as review of a comic written by one of my favorite writers in general, Alan Moore, as well as news on horror entertainment.

But if that weren’t enough, later that week, they released a special episode reviewing Nurse 3D – the film whose promo art on Bloody Disgusting made blood sexier than it has ever been. I have yet to see this film and can’t help but feel a little jealous that One Sick Puppy got to. Rest assured that I was thankful for the review and will definitely be seeing it based on their recommendation.

Since then, Dead as Hell has released yet another episode commemorating Black History Month in horror films. I gave it a listen today and can’t wait until the promised bonus episode this week. This is obviously a program put together by a genuine horror fan with an expansive knowledge of the genre. I strongly suggest it to all fiends out there. Check out: the Dead as Hell website, Dead as Hell on Twitter, and Dead as Hell on Facebook.

As for the host of the show, I thought I’d show my appreciation for the show by putting together a little banner for you. Feel free to click on that image, save it, and use it at your leisure.


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