Spotlight: Horror Rock

Greetings fiends…

In the world of rock and roll it only makes since that horror be a part of the scene. Rock and roll and horror often make very bold statements about the society we live in today. Over the years, several bands have come out either with very strong or downright blatant connection to the genre. Today I thought I would bring you a list of some of my favorite horror themed rock bands and share some of their music with you. I hope you enjoy.

Black Sabbath

Possibly the band that started it all, Black Sabbath was the beginning of legend Ozzy Osbourne. They came from the UK not as a child clinging to the shirttails of the peace and love hippie movement, but as a screaming ghoul that spoke out against the wrongs in the world with imagery of the occult and supernatural instead of flowers and rainbows. No one knew what to think of them, especially after Ozzy walked out on stage dressed like Alister Crowley – the only man to be deported from America for being evil.

White Zombie

Named after the classic Bela Lugosi film, this was the beginning of one Rob Zombie. His love of the horror genre poured into everything they did and would pave the way for his solo career as a musician, filmmaker, and comic book creator. Don’t get me wrong, I love his new stuff too… but White Zombie was something I encountered as a child and fed in greatly to my love of the genre.


I first encountered Ghoultown through Rue Morgue Magazine. Walk the Line had just come out and I was on a bit of a Johnny Cash craze. It was the perfect time for me to encounter this band. A unique blend of rock, country, Mexican ranchero, and horror – this is one of the more unique bands that I’ve heard period.


It’s hard not to like rockabilly. It’s even harder to not like it when it’s horror themed rockabilly. HorrorPops is just such a band and every last one of their songs are just as fun as the last.

The Misfits

Oh yes, you knew this list could not be made without them. The Misfits brought horror to the world of punk rock, using titles of classic drive-in movies for their songs and singing about Martian invasions and psycho killers and more. Plus, let’s not forget their adoption of The Crimson Ghost as their mascot. The Misfits launched the career of Glen Danzig who would go on to form the group Samhain and, eventually, his own successful solo career. Some fans fell off after Danzig left, but many stayed on… myself included.

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Until next time fiends…


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