News from Rune 2/25/2014

Greetings Fiends…

It has been yet another very busy week here at Rune Morgan Horror. Projects and events are popping up faster than bodies from a grave during a zombie apocalypse. We saw the release of the fourth Briefly Bizarre flash fiction story, “Amputation,” along with a Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF edition; the premiere of my very own TOP SECRET club, the OFFICIAL RUNE FIENDS; the second installment of my reviews of the classic radio drama The Whistler; and some other blog posts. Let’s review a couple of these things and make some announcements.

Amputation and the Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Edition

“Amputation” was the fourth of ten planned flash fiction stories for free release via Rune Morgan Horror’s Briefly Bizarre. It was a story set, presumably, during a zombie epidemic and asks readers what they would be willing to do to ensure the survival of their loved ones. I’ve started receiving quite a bit of praise from my Twitter Stalkers and Facebook Fiends for all of my fiction. This story was no different. Like all of these stories, you can read it for free right here on the site.

However, the release of this story also came with the release of it’s Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Edition. These versions of the stories came with oddities the free version on the site doesn’t have: a cover, story endcaps, peeks of the story behind the story, and other miscellaneous special features. The Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Edition for this story was offered for free on its page. However, all future Deluxe Editions will only be available through purchased downloads or by becoming an OFFICIAL RUNE FIEND DIS-MEMBER.

Read “Amputation” Free
Read “Amputation: Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Edition” Free


Remember the days of sending away to join an “exclusive club” from which you would receive a monthly newsletter, official member card, stickers, and all kinds of other neat stuff? Well boils and ghouls, I decided to start my own… the OFFICIAL RUNE FIENDS. Members of my club receive so many creepy delights every month: a free Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Edition, a free audiobook story, a free flash fiction story written just for them, and a free high quality JPEG file created just for them. Plus, OFFICIAL RUNE FIEND DIS-MEMBERS get to advertise on Rune Morgan Horror for free, get special offers on eBooks and audiobooks, and get all kinds of neat little bonus deliveries.

Joining costs just $10 for a whole year and you get over $70 worth of my horror! To join, simply click on the image to right and pay through PayPal. Be sure to include the email address you want deliveries made to at checkout to avoid any complications. Your membership will begin with the start of the next month (i.e. – members who join this month will start receiving their free stuff in March, members who join in March will start receiving in April, etc).

8d566-old2bhorror2btypewriterA Lurking Story

Currently I am working on the next story in the Biblia Noctis collection, “The Lurker in the Void” With everything that has been going on, work on this story has been slow. However, I hope to be finished with the draft by this week and then work on some rewrites during next week before finally submitting it for your reading enjoyment. I look for it to be finished and up by the end of next week. OFFICIAL RUNE FIENDS will be receiving the Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Edition of this one free and you can also by joining before March 1st. Otherwise, the PDF download will cost $2.00.

A Partner In Crime004_alive

It would appear that I have managed to create a monster kiddies… My own work seems to have sparked something in my fiendish ghoul-friend and, it would seem we are going to be working together on a few stories as I work with her on the writing front. Harley Durant’s work with me is going to be quite special… you see, she has a background in actual medicine, psychology, and thanatology! Expect some exceedingly devilish stories coming from us that delve into actual medical conditions and what happens to the human body when it is put through hell.

Could you be seeing a possible solo career from Harley sometime soon? Well, that I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I can tell you her mind is every bit as twisted as it needs to be to even think about trying to be a writer of any genre.


As is the custom every time I make these news posts, there are some that I wish to thank. This time, instead of pointing out individuals, I would really just like to thank every one… all of my Twitter Stalkers, Faceless-book Fiends, and the phantoms that haunt this website. Without you, none of this would matter. And it is for you that I am bringing my haunted imagination to the digital page.

As always, if you like this post, use the like and share buttons below. You can also Stalk me on Twitter and Fiend me on Faceless-Book. Also, remember to Like Rune Morgan Horror.


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