Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Release: The Lurker in the Void


Greetings Fiends…

Your phantom librarian here to announce the release of his next next short story. When an aged professor at Miskatonic University’s new Maryland campus doesn’t show up for class the dean discovers the horrible events leading up to his old mentor’s disappearance. The Lurker in the Void is very much a traditional Lovecraftian horror story. The free version of the story will release on March 8th, 2014, on the blog. You don’t have to wait though. You can get the Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Edition of this story today loaded with two bonus stories (Ritual by Rune Morgan and The Outsider by H.P. Lovecraft), a look behind the story, and my top four picks for best Lovecraftian horror films. Order your copy today for only $2.00. Official Rune Fiends, this one is part of your March deliveries, check your inboxes for your download.


One response

  1. Shared! I’ll be looking for it 🙂


    March 1, 2014 at 11:35 pm

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