Spotlight: Death Rattle

deathrattleGreetings Fiends…

Your phantom librarian Rune Morgan here to announce my participation in Artists in Horror Month here on Rune Morgan Horror. There are so many great artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and more out there. All of us are struggling to make a living in the genre that we have come to hold dear to our lifeless little hearts. But that doesn’t mean we have to work against each other to achieve success. Artists in Horror Month asks creators in the horror genre to put aside ego and help promote the work of others. I have always believed that unifying and working together is the best way for everyone to achieve success. So, over the course of this month, I will be bringing you several spotlights on all kinds of horror projects and creators. Let’s start with one of my stalkers over on Twitter and Official Rune Fiend, R.M. DuChene… the wicked quill behind Death Rattle, a horror fiction blog.

Visceral Horror


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“Final Notice” was the first piece of fiction I read on Death Rattle, a blog featuring the writings of R.M. DuChene. Since that reading I have made sure to check out everything he’s posted since. His stories are truly visceral works of fiction and not for the faint of heart. DuChene does not shy away from depictions of violence or subject matters that other authors would never touch for fear of offending someone. The story “Cell Block H,” for example, tells the story of a man living in a personal hell after beating his pregnant girlfriend to death.

Also to be found on the blog are poems. Now, I am not generally a fan of most horror poetry. Anything outside of the gothic seems to come across as clunky and elementary. This is not the case here. While the verse is not Frost or Whitman, it is definitely great horror reading. It escapes the curse much horror poetry falls into of sounding like it was written by an angsty teenager and actually becomes relevant genre literature.

For a truly interesting take on the zombie genre, please be sure to read “The Zombie Test.” It really is one of the most original pieces of zombie fiction that I have ever come across. A bit humorous and, of course, very bloody.

The blog was started in early February and has seen quite a few posts since. Horror fans, do yourselves a favor, head over to Death Rattle and get to reading R.M. DuChene’s work. You can also find him on Twitter under @RM_DuChene and @DeathRattleBlog. Mr. DuChene, feel free to download and use the image I created for you at the beginning of this post as well.

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