Artist in Horror Month and Other Stuff

Greetings Fiends…

Your phantom librarian would like to borrow your eyes and ears for a few minutes… I promise to give them right back. I will be making this a relatively short post as I hope to get the first draft of some new flash fiction for Briefly Bizarre done today. However, there are some important things I would like to bring to everybody’s attention.

The Lurker in the Void

Late last night I released the Deluxe PDF Edition of my latest short story, “The Lurker in the Void.” Official Rune Fiend Dismembers have been sent their copies as well. The free version of the story will be posted in Biblia Noctis on the 8th, but this version comes with two bonus stories (“Ritual” by yours truly and “The Outsider” by H.P. Lovecraft), a peek behind the story, and my picks for the top four Lovecraftian horror films ever. The deluxe edition is $2.00 and you can get your copy by clicking here.

Or Get It Free

You can enter for a chance to win a free copy by finding following me on Twitter and reTweeting this Tweet…


Only one copy will be given away and the winner announced at Midnight tonight.

Artists in Horror Month

On Facebook, fiend and fellow horror author William Pattison (aka Eric Morse) who wrote the Camp Crystal Lake young adult series amongst other things, along with some other unnamed members of the horror community, has declared March Artists in Horror Month. The premise of this event is for creators to set aside their ego and help fellow creators in the horror genre feel appreciated. He asks that we send emails out to other members of the horror community to let the know that we appreciate the work they do. I think this is a wonderful idea.

But, as a creator, I know I care about more than just appreciation. I want exposure too. Therefore I am taking this a step further and asking all others to do the same as well. As often as I can (I’m shooting for once a day), I will be posting a spotlight on other creators in the horror genre. Please, head over to their sites and check out their wonderfully terrifying projects and share them with your friends. If you have a blog or website or social media account, please, use it at least once a day to promote someone else’s work other than your own.

I strongly believe that we, as fans and creators united, can strengthen the horror genre back to its glory days. If you enjoyed this post, please use the like or share buttons below and spread the word about Artists in Horror Month and help promote other horror creators.


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