News from Rune 3/4/2014

Greetings fiends… as always there is a whole lot going on here at Rune Morgan Horror. For starters, your phantom librarian seems to have lost his state tax refund check. It was in the inner pocket of his cruelty-free leather jacket and, when he went to pull it out, it was gone. Believe me, I was far from happy about this and spent nearly an hour looking around a wet and snowy parking lot for it, then driving back downtown to retrace his steps, and coming up empty handed save for a red nose and the shivers. So he has returned to his  darkened library a bit morose, having had to deal with an evil greater than Cthulhu himself… the IRS. That aside, let’s take a look at this week’s news about Rune Morgan Horror and my writing.

02_websiteThe Lurker in the Void

This past weekend I released the Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Edition of my latest short story, “The Lurker in the Void.” This is another exploration into the world of Lovecraftian horror that has taken me several years to get down on paper. Thinking I would be rid of it once done, I was overjoyed to have it completed… only to realize it is part of a much larger story. Readers can expect a return to it once I start work on the first serialized novella for this site.

The story focuses first on the dean of Miskatonic University’s new Maryland campus. His old mentor from his days in the Arkham campus, Professor Abraham Derleth, fails to report for class and the dean, Robert Blackmore, goes to check on him. He finds a horrible scene inside the elderly man’s apartment and a cassette recorder that tells a tale of what waits just outside the bounds of our own reality.

The free edition of the story will post to the site this Saturday. However, you can get the Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Edition today. It contains three stories (“The Lurker in the Void” and “Ritual” by myself and “The Outsider” by H.P. Lovecraft), a brief peek behind the story (focusing on the names in the story), and my top four picks for best Lovecraftian horror film of all time. It’s only $2.00 kiddies, click the cover to order.

Trying to Stay Free

When I started Rune Morgan Horror I had a vision for a website that would offer free horror fiction to the masses. There is an old adage, after all, about being a writer that states, never write for free. My hope was that, as a writer, I would be able to make money from the sale of advertising on the site. I still hold that vision very near and dear to my blackened little heart. I am an idealist and, often, that can bite someone in the ass.

When the ads didn’t some in, I figured, okay… I’ll start releasing PDF eBooks of my fiction with special features and bonus stories and even offer an old school mail order club. That is proving to be unprofitable as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to make millions here… just enough to say, yeah, it’s worth it. Unfortunately, as I continue to write and am unable to find work in the real world, money is getting real tight.

I would love to keep my horror free but, without enough income from PDF and club membership sales, I may not be able to do that. I have already stated that Briefly Bizarre will see ten stories this year, Biblia Noctis will receive five, and that there will be a free serialized novella. Being a man of my word, all of this will remain free. However, after their publication, I may have to cease offering free fiction and adopting a more traditional approach.

I know times are tough and you may not have the money to spare. So, please, don’t take this as whining, bitching and moaning, or guilt tripping… it is exactly what it is… fair warning and I hope you can all understand. The Official Rune Fiend Club will continue and offer the same great deal of over $70 of my work (some of it exclusive to Rune Fiends) for $10. Of course, I would love it if I could continue offering free fiction to horror fans… my fingers are crossed.

Upcoming Fiction

Last week I made the announcement that I have formed a partnership with my ghoul-to-be, Harley Durant. This week, she finally put up a Twitter account and Facebook profile. Also, this week, we have been working on two pieces of fiction that should see release fairly soon. “Faint of Heart” (working title) will be the next addition to Biblia Noctis and “At First Sight” is a flash fiction story being written exclusively for Official Rune Fiends as part of their March deliveries). What are they about? Well, I won’t get into details… but Harley has a taste for the psychological, morbid anatomy, thanatology, and strange medicine. You can rest assured that anything her and I work on together will contain one or several of these elements. She has devised a whole plethora of ideas to bring to readers and it is a delight to work with her… our minds are generating some truly horrifying ideas.

Visit Harley on Twitter and Follow.

Visit Harley on Twitter and Follow.


Gaining notoriety in a world as vast and chaotic as the internet can be hard. Luckily, I have run into some pretty awesome people that have been wonderful help in getting the word out about Rune Morgan Horror. Here lately, there has been one community in particular that has heralded my work and this site. The GrueHeads from the Rivers of Grue community. Therefore, I would like to thank: Keeper of the Quill (@RiversofGrue), Emory Slone of Malevolent Magaizine (@EmorySlone), ≈Cheri≈ (@cheri_on_fire), TRUE*GRUE*TOK*ANGEL of The Rivers True* Grue* Angel (@TheRealJillyG) to name a couple. Be sure to check out the whole damn awesome community of talented horror lovers.




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  1. Emory Slone

    Thanks Rune! You do excellent work!


    March 4, 2014 at 7:57 pm

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