Spotlight: Horror Mansion

Greetings fiends. Your phantom librarian here with another spotlight for Artists in Horror Month. Today, I thought I’d take you back a few years… to a time before the fast paced world of timelines that tick by quicker than an LED board at the New York Stock Exchange. Before the coming of MySpace and, eventually, Facebook and Twitter, there was another way for people of similar interests to connect and interact with each other… message boards. For horror fans, there was never a shortage of forums ranging from general horror boards to boards that focus only on zombie films. Recently, I have come across one such place… Horror Mansion.

I first came across this wonderful little site via one of my Twitter stalkers, Klownz (@HMmonster). Mr. Klownz is a horror fan through and through with a particular taste for Asian horror. As is my custom, I decided to check out the site listed as his on his Twitter profile. What I found in Horror Mansion was a community of people just like Klownz, people who truly love the horror genre in all it’s forms.

Horror Mansion is a general horror forum with a primary focus on film. There is a very large selection of topics to post under on this subject from new and upcoming films to films by era to films by geographic origin. You will also find places to post your reviews, discuss cast and crew, and even promote your own horror film projects.

Currently, there are a little under 800 members in the community and they are growing rapidly. Each and every one of them are passionate about the genre and their interests range from classics to the goriest shlock to ever be committed to celluloid. If you are looking for a place to have in depth conversation about the genre that we all know and love, take yourselves over to Horror Mansion and join up today. Also, be sure to follow Horror Mansion on Twitter.



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