New Look

joinGreetings Fiends. You may have noticed that the site is slowly taking on new shape. It is developing little by little into the site I want it to be. The most recent change, being that I have removed the sidebar from the site completely, is intended to give Rune Morgan Horror a cleaner look and one that fits more closely with my vision. Hopefully, it is a vision that you will all enjoy and share as fellow lovers of the horror genre. This new layout allows for some pretty wicked possibilities.

For starters, the site looks a lot less cluttered. There was a lot going on over in the sidebar and there wasn’t really much in it. While getting rid of it may have eliminated the graphic inviting you to become an Official (Dis)Member of the Rune Fiend cult… er, club, the featured fiend section, and the suggested reading section, it does give the site a more open feel that I think we can all appreciate. You can expect a return of the featured fiend and suggested reading sections via the bottom of the pages.

With such a wide area for actual posts to go in, now, I am able to include much larger graphics. Not only will this make the site more visually pleasing, but, it will open more possibilities for Official Rune Fiends that wish to place promos for their projects on the site. Expect an update by tomorrow with the new available image sizes for ads, including: 250 x 600 pixel towers and huge 950 x 250 banners! I mean, look at the glory of a full scale image on the site now…header3

Another obvious change is that there is only one post being displayed at a time on the front page and that I have done away with the read more links. It is my hope that this will encourage higher readership and interaction on the site. No longer will you have to click on a link and wait for a page to load in order to read the latest post. Nor will you have to click upon its title to like and share it. Everything is right there at your disposal as soon as you come to the site.

In the end, I hope this results in a more enjoyable reader experience. Since starting, I have met and interacted with so many wonderful horror creators and fans. So many of you have been so kind to share my work and support my goals without ever having met me. I feel so very lucky to have fiends like you and, I want you to know, this site is for you. So, if you have any comments or suggestions, please share them.

As always, if you like this post, please like and share it. Also remember you can stalk me on Twitter and fiend me on Facebook.

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