Spotlight: Murder the Tweets

Greetings fiends… There are all kinds of horror stories out there that range in length from a few words to over a hundred thousand words. In my own opinion, the short a story is… if done right… the more shocking it is. Enter some of the shortest horror fiction available for reading today via Murder the Tweets (@MurdertheTweets). This extremely fun account to follow offers horror stories in 140 characters or less from writer Anthony R. Williams.

Each week there is a new theme for the stories to follow that have included the flu, apartments, soda, and money to name a few. The stories themselves range from the humorous to the downright gruesome. But they are always very entertaining, truly displaying this writer’s talent for crafting effective fiction even when limited by the 140 character limit on posts set by Twitter.

Some recent favorites include:

When she logged on and the banner ads were targeting murder fetishes she realized she didn’t know her husband at all.

Nobody liked that they were dating each other. As conjoined twins it just didn’t seem right.

Work was depressing him. That night he would kill the boss. The challenge of being self-employed had finally caught up.

The account has also reTweeted some of the micro stories sent to them by equally talented writers. If you are not already doing so, I suggest getting over to Twitter and following Murder the Tweets. You’ll be glad you did.


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