About Rune Morgan

runeRune Morgan is the most ominous voice in horror today. His work spans the gamut of the genre, from classically styled gothic mystique to ultraviolent splatterpunk. This is his story…

The son of an abusive alcoholic father and a benignly passive mother, Rune Morgan grew up on the set of a Stephen King novel… only the overly religious asshole didn’t get killed. Growing up he witnessed and fell victim to beatings, cried as his pets were killed for no reason, and desperately whispered unanswered prayers for it all to end. Through it all, his only escape from this existence was through books and movies and the ones that helped him escape best were science fiction, fantasy… and horror.

He was reading the works of Edgar Allan Poe toward the end of elementary school and watching the weekend creature feature on TV every week. By middle school he was reading Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft and watching everything from the classics of the 30s through the 50s to Hellraiser and Friday the 13th. In high school, he started exploring the world of exploitation cinema… Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS, Cannibal Holocaust, I Spit On Your Grave, etc. To say the least, Rune Morgan is well versed in the genre.header3With such a background, Rune Morgan was destined to do one of two things with his creativity… release it through fiction, poetry, art, and any other outlet it would bleed from; or decide what kind of psychopath he would become (more than likely a body snatcher and grave robber, like Ed Gein without the killing or wearing people). Well, with a family to think about and care for, he decided to try his hand at writing and hold onto psychopath as something to fall back on. Now, Rune Morgan is dedicated to making himself the motherfucking Leonardo da Vinci of the horror genre.

Rune Morgan Horror is the first plunge of the knife. It is his love letter to horror and to his fans. Here, you will find a frequently updated blog covering nearly every aspect of the genre, free fiction from his own pen, a sampling of his artwork, and more. If you like what you are finding on Rune Morgan Horror, you are ready for him to twist the knife.

Wanting to make sure his fans knew he cared about them, Rune started his own cult… The Official Rune Fiends. Official Rune Fiend (Dis)Members get all kinds of neat perks. For starters, Rune Morgan sends them free premium versions of his fiction in PDF and MP3 format. But the horrors don’t stop there. (Dis)members also get exclusive flash fiction stories written just for them, print quality JPEG files of art created just for them, discounts on fiction, and free advertising on Rune Morgan Horror.joinCurrently, Rune Morgan is working on several projects. Here, he is releasing a set of ten flash fiction stories collectively titled Briefly Bizarre and a set of five short stories titled Biblia Noctis. Once these are complete he will begin releasing a serialized novella, currently untitled, set in the dark world of Lovecraftian fiction. Additionally he is working on a novella for independent publication, several pieces of art, and a screenplay for a film he plans on producing, directing, and distributing himself.Briefly BizarreRune actively encourages his readers to interact with him. If you have read his fiction and blog posts, and/or enjoyed his artwork, please pay him a visit over on Twitter and Facebook.


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