Fiendish Advertising

Greetings Fiends…

Do you have a wonderfully horrible project readers of Rune Morgan Horror should know about? Well if you are an Official Rune Fiend then you get free advertising on the site! What kind of ads can you put up? Well, Rune Morgan Horror would be a great place to let people know about your art, book, crowdfunding campaign, Facebook page, music, Twitter account, website, or any number of things. There are just a couple things to remember:

  • You must be an Official Rune Fiend in order to advertise on Rune Morgan Horror. If you are not an Official Rune Fiend, learn about joining by visiting the Become a Rune Fiend page.
  • You must host the image in JPEG format for the ad and allow hot-linking to it.
  • Rune Morgan reserves the right to refuse any ad based on the content it displays or is linked to.
  • Ads should measure 125×125 pixels for placement in the opening paragraph of blog posts, 240×400 for placement at the beginning of fiction, 600 x 120 for mid post and mid story banners banners, and 180 x 150 for end of post and end of story ads.
  • Ads will appear in the order they are received with the exception of time sensitive ads. If your ad is time sensitive please let me know the absolute latest the ad can be posted.
  • Be polite to others; don’t flood me with ad requests and give others a chance to post their ads. Rune Morgan reserves the right to close submissions for ads and change its policies at any time.
  • To submit an ad, fill out the form below.


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