Fiendish News March 2014

Greetings fiends…

For those of you becoming dis-members this month I would like to thank you for helping me get things started. In March you will start receiving your deliveries of free horror. I have quite a few dreadful things in the works for you. Before we get into that though, let’s talk about exactly what it is you’ll be receiving.

Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Editions

These are PDF copies of the stories that appear on Rune Morgan Horror… only better. These stories have covers created by gores truly, specially written “endcaps” introducing and concluding each story, and special features not posted on the site. The general public has to pay $1.00 to $2.00 for each of these. OFFICIAL RUNE FIENDS such as yourselves will receive 12 for free delivered to your email inbox.

Short Audio Books

I am beginning to record some of my fiction in mp3 format. Each mp3 sells to the general public for $1.00 to $2.00. OFFICIAL RUNE FIENDS get 12 of these delivered for free as well.

Rune Fiend Exclusive Fiction

OFFICIAL RUNE FIENDS will receive one free flash fiction piece that is written FOR RUNE FIEND EYES ONLY! Guess how many your membership gets you… that’s right… 12. These stories will never see the pages of the internet or magazines. They are yours. And you get to help create them (more on that in a few).

Rune Fiend Exclusive Art

I have developed a very unique style of art, weaving together different textures and antique/vintage images into a vision of horror. My images are intended for 4×6 prints. You will receive 12 print quality… 300 dpi for you techies out there… JPEG files created just for you.

Free Advertising

Have a project you want horror fans to know about? Just want some more followers on Twitter or likes on your Facebook page? Have a crowdfunding campaign for something fiendish? OFFICIAL RUNE FIENDS get free advertising in the posts on Rune Morgan Horror! Just head on over to the Fiendish Advertising Page to send your ad request.

Special Prices

In addition to all that free stuff, OFFICIAL RUNE FIENDS get special prices on other Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Editions, longer works (collections, novellas, and novels), and audiobooks.

Other Cool Crap

I am addicted to creating things. Don’t be surprised if you open your email inbox and find something fiendish in it. Images, audio, maybe even some poetry, who knows… lots can happen if this fiend gets bored.

More Pages Coming Soon

Right now I have the advertising page up and plan on expanding available ad sizes and may even rework how ads are displayed so stay posted for news on that. This page marks the second one and will be updated once a month with news only you need to know. Tomorrow (later today…?) I will open the release schedule which, for now, will only show what I plan on sending you in a month without giving specific dates. Other pages planned are a contact page just for you and a suggestion page (getting closer to discussing how you will help create those stories).

Help Create

About those stories being written just for you… the suggestion page going up will be a place for you to send me images, snippets, prompts, anything you can think of. I will then use those to create fiction for you. Pretty fiendish huh…? If your suggestion doesn’t get used for on of those stories, it may be used for another. If that happens, you will receive the deluxe edition of that story for free also!

Tell Your Friends!!!

I do not submit too much fiction to traditional publishers. I depend on readers who love horror and believe in supporting indie creators. If you have friends or family that love horror, please tell them about becoming an OFFICIAL RUNE FIEND.

Any more news that occurs this month will be sent to you via email. Until next month kiddies…


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