Become A Rune Fiend

Greetings Fiends…

I hope you have enjoyed the scary-tales and dead-gital art I have put together so far. Creating it has made me happier than Dr. Frankenstein with a pile of parts. And now, kiddies, you can join Rune Morgan Horror’s Rune Fiends.

Rune Fiends are the most fiendishly fiendish fiends to walk the night because for only $10 they get a whole year of horribly horrible horror! Becoming a Rune Fiend gets you:

Free Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Editions of stories #
Free stories written just for Rune Fiends #
Free print quality JPEG files of art created just for Rune Fiends #
Free select mp3 audio versions of Rune Morgan’s short fiction #
Free advertising on Rune Morgan Horror ^
Special prices on Rune Fiend Deluxe PDF Editions +
Special prices on collected works, novellas, and novels +
Special prices on audiobook editions +

Items marked # will be delivered via attachment to your email inbox
Items marked ^ subject to terms and conditions
Items marked + limited time offers

That’s a lot of free and savings boils and ghouls. Remember, if you’re under the age of 18 get your parents permission. And parents… your children should not be given permission. To join simply click on the image below and remember to include your email or the email of the person you are getting the subscription for at checkout.


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