Working Title

Rune Morgan will soon begin working on his first serialized novel which will be posted on this site for free in weekly installments. But he’s not going to tell you what it is or what it’s about right now. However, a few lucky individuals will be able to read it as he writes it. If you’re interested, do the following:

  • fill out the contact form below
  • receive each chapter via email as it is written
  • read the chapter (usually between 2,000 to 4,000 words)
  • reply to the email noting grammatical and spelling errors and offer feedback/answer a questionnaire
  • don’t tell anybody what the novel is about or even its title… not even the voices
  • receive a free PDF copy of the book before it goes live on the site

Serious inquiries only please. Unfortunately, Rune Morgan can not afford to pay you for these services but he will offer the opportunity again for future projects that may pay and remembers favors. You will, at the least, receive access to a PDF copy of the finished novel before it goes live on the site. I’d like to have at least three people and will accept up to five.


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